Fugitive Pigment is my blog on painting in Toronto and elsewhere.

 I am an independent critic and  curator with thirty years of art writing and curating in Canada and internationally. Over those years,  I have observed, especially in Canada, a dearth of discussion and debate about painting. Fugitive Pigment, an art preservation term referring to the gradually changes in paint colour, texture, and general quality over the years, here alludes to how  painters in Canada sometimes feel like outlaws or outcasts.

My focus is on painting, its philosophical, political, as well as aesthetic potential. Furthermore, I consider on macro and micro art world news that affects painting.

I maintain an ongoing fascination with the use - I should say abuse - of language in art criticism and will occasionally post about that. I write in lucid language; consequently, I have no desire, for example,  to turn adjectives into abstract nouns such as "liminality" and "potentiality." They fail to provide specific analysis. I occasionally post on such tepid, nebulous writing but do not practice it myself, or so I hope.

I welcome others' contributions, comments, and images in the context of what I just stated above.