Friday, June 22, 2018

Should Canadian Art Clean Up Its Own House First?

Canadian Art magazine continues to publish critical articles on Saskatoon's Remai Modern, one of the few Canadian galleries with an international presence architecturally and curatorially. In its June 21, "News in Brief" column, for instance, Leah Sandals pulled the following quote from a Twitter post, a post by Saskatchewan author Paul Seesequasis, in which he called out the Remai for the lack of diversity on its board:  "It’s time for Remai Modern to do actual outreach, practice inclusivity and address its own issues." Inclusivity, of course is important, in fact necessary, for a progressive art museum, and few if any Canadian galleries have yet reached ideal diversity. Still, the Remai is working on it and has indigenous board members. 

Meanwhile, a quick glance at Canadian Art's board of directors tells a different story. Certainly, it includes old money and established art world figures, but it seems to be sorely lacking in indigenous representation. Judge for yourself. Here are the members of Canadian Art's board:

Co-Chairs: Debra Campbell and Gabe Gonda
Amanda Alvaro, Jessica Bradley, Daisy Desrosiers, David Franklin, Jane Irwin, Shanitha Kachan, Lee Matheson, Sarah Milroy, Kevin Morris
Richard J. Balfour, Michael de Pencier, Debbie Gibson, Reesa Greenberg, Nancy McCain, Grace Robin, Donald Schmitt, Jane Zeidler

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